Evergreen / What to pack in your carry on for your next flight

What's in your carry-on?

By: Christiane Dizon

Whether travelling on a short or long haul flight, there are always specific items you need to have in your carry-on. Besides having a pen, notebook and travel papers, here is a list of carry-on musts!

An empty water bottle

Whether it is plastic or a stainless steel bottle, it is important to bring this along with you to stay hydrated on your flights. Even though you can get water on the plane, it is nice to have it available whenever you need it. Just remember go through security with it empty and fill it up while waiting to board.


Hydrate your body


Candies & Snacks

Sometimes the food options on the flight are not to your liking, so pack a snack! Make sure whatever you pack is allowed through security and try to avoid nuts in case someone around you is allergic. A pack of gum or a few sweets are a must if you are prone to get motion sickness.

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