Evergreen / Travel agents tell us their Funny/Weird Client’s Stories Part 1

"I want a cruise to Mexico that departs from Las Vegas"

We asked travels agents to share their favourite, weird and funny clients story! The winners are already picked, but we have received so many incredible entries that we feel way more agents should see them! 

To say thank you and show WheelsUp’s appreciation, we would like to reveal some of the best challenge entires we received from our incredible agents!


Debbie Brown

Debbie started her travel agency in 2008 working on it part-time, mainly to help friends and family with their travel plans. When she retired from her employment of 35 years, Debbie then turned her focus full-time to her Travel Agency “DB Wellness Travel”, to help people plan, choose and arrange their holiday. Debbie’s goal is to provide her clients with the best level of service and guidance. She loves getting to know her clients and helping them create lifetime memories. 


Weird/Funny Clients Story:

When you requested the Passport Names you should have said you need the complete name!”



Danielle Park

Danielle started in the travel industry in the early 80’s and worked for FINNAIR for 21 years. As a result of 9/11, her job was outsourced and she moved from NYC to Las Vegas. Danielle started with Prestige Travel (a full-service brick and mortar agency) when she first moved there in early 2004. Danielle left the company from 2010-2013 to work for another travel company, but came back to Prestige Travel. She enjoys working with her clients in-person. Her favorite trip is a cruise and my favorite cruise itinerary is Alaska.


Weird/Funny Clients Story:

Client wanted a cruise to Mexico that departed from Las Vegas. Explained that we are not on the ocean.

Danielle Park



Melissa Willows

Melissa has been an travel for 2.5 years in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She focuses on family and couples vacations. Melissa recently finished her CATP (Certified Autism Travel Professional) training, and have an CTC certificate.


Weird/Funny Clients Story:

2 older siblings sharing a room on a resort offering rooms on 1st & 2nd floor (which they knew)… one requested not to be on 1st floor while the other requested not to be on 2nd!



Kay South

Kay has been an agent since 1986. She currently co-own the agency with her husband Rick South, Jr. Kay has worked selling air tickets, putting small groups together, selling family trips and FIT’s.
Her agency is a traditional brick and mortar business established in 1976 focusing on leisure travel and small group travel. 


Weird/Funny Clients Story:

I had a guy who wanted to leave on a 7-day cruise within 3 days. He found out his wife was cheating on him and was just going to disappear and not tell her where he was.”

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