Evergreen / Travel Agent Appreciation: Interview with Teresa Gogan

"I can't say that I chose the travel business, it chose me."

To celebrate Travel Agent Appreciation Month, WheelsUpNetwork wants to share with you some incredible travel agents stories and thank you personally for your hard work! This weeks interviewee is Teresa Gogan

Believe it or not, but Teresa has been a travel agent since 1980 at the same company and at the same desk for almost 40 years now!


What agency are you with?

“I began my career in the travel business on October 13, 1980. The agency was Linkletter Travel (formerly Amherst Travel) owned and operated by Charles and Marilyn Linkletter from Summerside PEI. The agency was purchased by Gary Rayner from Charlottetown PEI. The name has changed a few times from Intra Travel to Carlson Wagonlit to The Travel Store. The agency is a member of Ensemble.”


Why have you decided to stay at one company for 39 years now?

I have been the manager since 1986. I would say I stayed with the same agency, job, career because I had no reason to look any further. I have a very special bond with each and everyone of my clients and they with me. It is the only job I have ever had and I am good at it.



Why did you pick travel industry?

“I grew up in a family of nine kids, 8 of which were boys. I was the one who stood out and therefore I became a leader and not a follower. I feel that the skills I learned from coming from such a large family taught me the value of a dollar. I am not cheap, I’m frugal and my clients love that.”

“I can’t say that I chose the travel business, it chose me. I was fresh out of high school with a baby and needed to support us both. My dad had heard about a part time position at the local travel agency in town and away I went. Never to look back. I’m glad I didn’t.”


What do you love selling?

“If I was to pick something I love to sell, it would be cruises and especially river cruises.”


Name one piece of advice for North American travelers

 “Always use a travel agent!”



What do you like the most about your job?

“Undoubtedly its the people I love the most about this job. The overwhelming kindness and pure love my clients give me is priceless and it happens everyday.”