Evergreen / Top 10 Travel Trends for 2018 from Exodus Travels

Trends That Will Make 2018 the Most Adventurous Year Yet!

Adventure travel pioneers Exodus Travels predict this year’s hottest travel trends inspiring travellers to explore the world in a way they’ve never imagined possible.

Top 10 Travel Trends for 2018

1. Dietary Restrictions are No Longer Travel Restrictions

As dietary restrictions increase, limited culinary options while travelling around the globe are decreasing. Those who are Celiac no longer have to stress over having to find gluten-free pizza in Sicily and vegans can rest easy knowing they’ll be able to find plenty of delicious and healthy options on the streets of Hoi An. Exodus offers a collection of tours that balance the finest eats with calorie-burning activities like hiking and cycling to the next epicurean indulgence.



2. The Rise of the Responsible Traveller

With 44 years of expertise, Exodus continues to be a leader in responsible tourism and through The Inspiration Project sent over 2,340 children who wouldn’t normally get the chance to enjoy the wonders located in their own backyard that tourists flock to on exciting, educational day trips throughout 2017, from safaris through Kenya’s wilds to the breathtaking Taj Mahal. 

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