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Why we're recommending Varadero for your next trip

Written by: Serean Bechara


As with any country, there can be a lot of misconceptions about a place that you’ve never travelled to before. We’re sure that you’ve had clients that have worried about a lot of the same things we’re going to discuss in this article (Cuba, or otherwise).

We’re breaking down some of the key questions travellers want to know about when travelling to Varadero, Cuba.


Tips on travelling to Varadero for your vacation with Labranda & Hola Sun


Let’s jump right into it. We know what’s important when you’re travelling, and safety should be on that list. So we’re going to answer the question…


Is Varadero Safe?

Don’t worry about Varadero. We don’t say this lightly because the locals are friendly and are very familiar with seeing and interacting with tourists. Many people have said that it is the optimal place in Cuba for a female solo traveller because they won’t be hassled.

As with any city, in any country, you should always be aware of your surroundings. If you’re a travel agent advising your client on visiting any destination for the first time, it’s important that you direct them to travel advisories so that they are aware.

It doesn’t mean that everything (or anything) listed on these advisories will happen. It’s a precaution, because it’s always just better to be aware.

Don’t take just our word on Varadero, check out what travellers had to say.


Tips on travelling to Varadero for your vacation with Labranda & Hola Sun


None of us can say that we “really don’t care” about accommodations when we’re travelling (backpacking or otherwise) because there are basic things we all need. Yes, WiFi may be very important for you. To work, to contact your loved ones, to post an Insta story (we don’t judge!).


Will I have access to internet?

No, you may not always have internet. However, being prepared is always the solution!

We are so lucky to have an immense amount of Canadian tourists going to Varadero and sharing their experiences that we have deduced that purchasing an internet card is your best bet.

Internet cards usually average for about 2 CUC/hour, however, your resort may offer an even more inexpensive card. 

Some resorts may give you an internet card where you can log in for an hour a day (make sure to log out to not accidentally use the full time when you’re not browsing). 

Our number one recommendation? Say…

“Goodbye internet! I don’t need you, I’m on vacation!” 


Tips on travelling to Varadero for your vacation with Labranda & Hola Sun


Okay, we know you’re reading this article for a specific reason and that’s because you, your client, or someone you know is considering travelling there. So click on the next page so we can get to the fun stuff!

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