Evergreen / For that special evening in St. Kitts: Pavilion

Featuring local, seasonal ingredients that are sure to entice

Don’t let the private gates to Pavilion at Christophe Harbour scare you away- enter past the gatehouse to a beautiful oasis and one of the finest dining experiences in St. Kitts: Pavilion. Open to the public certain evenings.


Authentic Caribbean Cuisine

This is truly a special dining experience with stunning stone architecture, luxury finishes and of course a top drawer epicurean experience. Seasonal and local ingredients, a stellar wine list and breathtaking views top off a once in a lifetime vacation experience.

The Pavilion beach club is surrounded by palms, stone arches, fireplaces, natural-edged pools and stunning views of the bay. In this grand setting, their chefs craft exciting dishes featuring local, seasonal ingredients that are sure to entice.

For more information, please visit stkittstourism.kn



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