Evergreen / New parties for travellers coming to Sandos Finisterra!

Let's have a tiki and Instagram it!

Today, we would like to share with travelers some of the best events and activities happening at Sandos Finisterra, in the heart of Cabo San Lucas.

Los Cabos is a famous and perfect holiday destination in Mexico; it is formed by San José del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, and Cabo Pulmo! These beautiful destinations captivate its visitors by greeting every single one with a natural paradise full of warmth, relaxation, and fun!


What will be your next adventure?

If you follow our advice, you and your clients will have the time of your lives in Mexico while relaxing and learning about this beautiful country.

The first piece of advise we’d like to give you?

Book your next getaway at Sandos Finisterra! It’s located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. If travellers want to go out and explore the beautiful scenery and culture, it can be done with ease.

The hotel is perfect for adult vacations, for families, or groups that want to have a good time.

So what about the nightlife?

Let’s just right into it…


Sunset Vibes

The bests sunsets are in Sandos Finisterra. Why? Finisterra literally means, ¨at the end of the earth”! Combine that with music and delicious cocktails and you will have the experience of a lifetime!

It’s also an awesome photo opportunity as colors seemingly dance across the mountains, clouds, and sea while the moon slowly approaches in the background.

• When: Every Monday from 8.30pm to 10:30pm
• Where: Sandos Pool
• Recommended for: The whole family and couples who want to dance, listen to music, and relax


New parties for travellers coming to Sandos Finisterra!


Tiki Party

Aloha travelers! When the clock strikes 1 o’clock, flavors, prizes, and fun come out for the entire family. Enjoy pineapples, seafood, and Hawaiian decorations as this party makes you fall in love with its exotic offerings.

Even better? You can win prizes like free massages and even (if you’re really lucky) a free night at Sandos! You aren’t going to want to miss it!

• When: Every Tuesday from 1pm to 3pm
• Where: La Palapita
• Recommended for: Everyone who is in the pool and wants a fresh lunch with a side of Hulu dancing!


New parties for travellers coming to Sandos Finisterra!


Tequila and Taco Fest

While visiting Mexico there are a couple of things that you can absolutely not miss out on, that’s the famed Mexican tacos and Tequila!

At this fiesta, experts will guide you towards the best tequila with options like aged, rested, and white. The experts will tell you the history of tequila, how it’s made, and of course, they’ll invite you to try the drink.

Do you dare to try?

But that isn’t enough, do you know what goes best with tequila? Real Mexican tacos! Try an endless amount of varieties of tacos in the buffet to discover the richness of Mexico in every bite!

• When: Every Thursday from 1pm to 2pm
• Where: Sandos Pool
• Recommended for: The buffet is for the whole family while the tequila tasting is exclusively for adults


New parties for travellers coming to Sandos Finisterra!


Instagram Party

Exclusive for adults with Instagram accounts!

This is the moment you have been waiting for to showcase your inner influencer and capture the best moments of Los Cabos. This Instagram Party is undoubtedly the most colorful party, so colorful that you may not even need a filter after taking that perfect selfie!

Inflatables, dancing, and flirtatious drinks are just a few things that make this party absolutely unforgettable.

• When: Every Saturday starting at 1pm
• Where: Adult pool
• Recommended for: Adult travelers who love to take fun photos


New parties for travellers coming to Sandos Finisterra!


Mexican Parties with Unique Views

The fiesta doesn’t stop here! It’s true that the events we mentioned are the most new, but Sandos Finisterra offers even more than that.

Proof of this is the famous White Party! Every Wednesday at 6pm, guests from all over the world put on their nicest white outfit and head down to the beach where they will walk down a red carpet to start an evening full of fire shows, mesmerizing lights, incredible music, and delicious food!

Also, Sandos Finisterra gives guests the opportunity to get to know Mexico during their visit, and what better way to do that then a Mexican Kermes?

Click here to read about celebrating Kermes at Sandos Finisterra.


Ready to take the leap and book your event-filled vacation at Sandos Finisterra? Click here to learn more about the resort and to make a booking.


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