Evergreen / Nervous about language barriers while travelling? G Adventures will help!

This common travel anxiety is easy to overcome

Arriving in, and navigating, a new country can be especially intimidating when the native tongue is different from your own. When verbal communication is taken away from you, even the simplest tasks like ordering a salad or purchasing a bottle of water become difficult.

Fumbling through these confusing situations is par for the course for any explorer but there are some things that travellers can do to lessen the stress of misunderstanding. Below are some G Adventures hacks to overcome the hurdle of language whilst abroad.


Many hostels and tourist districts have beginner language classes. Sign up!

It hardly needs to be said that you’re not the first foreigner to have rolled into town. Locals who work in hostels around the world have seen others deal with the language barrier problem many times before.

In that sense, they will actually understand your struggles before you encounter them. Hostel owners and volunteers are used to dealing with the needs of tourists which is why a large percentage of them will have beginner language classes on offer. Sign up. By taking even just a class or two, you’ll learn common phrases and questions like how to order in a restaurant or ask where the bathroom is.

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