Evergreen / G Adventures Presents The Jane Goodall Collection

See wildlife in the wild, on their terms

G Adventures’ Jane Goodall Collection of 20 incredible, wildlife-focused tours across our world, is endorsed by the world-renowned ethologist, Dr. Jane Goodall. Like all of G’s tours, this collection upholds our Animal Welfare Policy. This means you get to step deeper into the animal kingdom while respecting all of its subjects.

For the past four decades, the Jane Goodall Institute has worked to foster deeper understanding of great apes and provide support for the communities and other animals who share their natural habitats. G Adventures is proud to partner with the Institute to create awareness about, and support for, their mission to protect wildlife and empower local communities.

Together, we can set an example of how wildlife-focused travel can build a greater respect for the incredible animals who share our world.



Discover the entire Jane Goodall Collection here



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