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Check out G Adventures' theme based, one day tours

Did you know that 90% of G travellers are arriving at least one day prior to their trip? That’s where Day Tours come in! One-day-or-less introductions to our world designed and guided by G team. See a list of G Adventures’ featured Day Tours below:



Delhi Day Tour: Culinary Delights of India

• 3-4 HRS | Food & Wine

Visit the age old markets and landmark food joints of Delhi like the Khan Chaha in Khan Market, Kareem’s in Old Delhi, and the community kitchen in a Sikh Temple.





Bangkok Day Tour: Multi-Transport Highlights

• 4-6 HRS | City Highlights

Using Tuk Tuks, Sky Train, Ferry Boats, Klong Boats and good old fashioned walking, travellers will discover the city of Angels from a different perspective.





Hanoi Day Tour: Motorbike Discovery

• 3-4 HRS | City Highlights

Professional motorcycle drivers shuttle travellers along to sights like the Hanoi Opera House and Long Bien Bridge before taking to the trails along Red River island.





Cape Town Day Tour: South African wine

• 8 HRS | Food & Wine

Take a trip into the wine lands of South Africa with an expert guide, visiting iconic estates and local farms to indulge in tastings and pairings with cheeses, chocolate, and local delicacies.





Cusco Day Tour: Scenic and City Highlights by Foot

• 3-4 HRS | City Highlights

See the best of Cusco from right on the ground, stopping at Plaza de Armas, the San Pedro market, and strolling through the picturesque cobblestone streets of San Blas.





Lima Day Tour: Miraflores by Bike

• 4 HRS | Hiking & Cycling

Explore the beautiful Costa Verde by bike, pedaling by Miraflores and Barranco. There will be old houses and local stories aplenty as travellers coast through this adventure.





Quito Day Tour: Downtown Foodie and Music

• 3-4 HRS | City Highlights

Start with a local chocolate tasting before learning how to make traditional Quesadillas at Happy Spoon. Then saunter down to the neighbourhood of La Ronda to sip on some local cocktails.




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