Evergreen / Exodus Travels’ Top 10 Tips for Solo Travelers

You're guaranteed to meet lots of like-minded new people

Travelling solo can be one of life’s most rewarding and liberating experiences, but it can potentially be terrifying too. Joining an organised tour helps to combat many of these common travel fears.

Exodus Travels group tours give you the unique opportunity to indulge your own interests, without the hassle of planning, and you’re guaranteed to meet lots of like-minded new people!

Here are our top tips for travelling solo in style:


1) Ask one of Exodus Travels sales consultants to tell you the group demographics on different departures.

That way you can choose a group with more solo travellers. But remember that people travelling in couples or as friends are just as likely to want to meet new people as those travelling by themselves.


2) Don’t necessarily jump for the single supplement.

The thought of having your own en suite is pretty tempting, but sharing with another traveller will help you get to know people. And you’re less likely to sleep through two alarms in the morning!


3) Be open. Talk about yourself and ask other people questions about themselves.

It can be daunting joining a group of people, but organized tours provide the perfect opportunity to get to know new people in a comfortable setting. You’ll eat, drink and take part in lots of activities together. You’ve chosen to come on the same trip so you’re bound to have at least one thing in common! Who knows… you might even come home with some friends for life.


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