Evergreen / Exodus Travels reveals 10 places you must visit in India

10 irreplaceable experiences you don’t want to miss

With 22 languages, more than 9,000 years of history, 7,517 km of coastline, 1.3 billion people, and some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, there are few places on earth with as much to explore as India.

With so much on offer, Exodus Travels shares 10 irreplaceable experiences you don’t want to miss while travelling in India:


1. Visit the iconic Taj Mahal

Nestled on the banks of Agra’s Jamuna River sits one of the most beautiful feats of architecture ever created — the Taj Mahal. Lush green gardens, the magnificent reflecting pools, intricately beautiful details on every surface, this is one place you’ll find beauty everywhere you look.


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2. Take a step into the past at the Rani-Ka-Vav (Queen’s step-well)

In 1063, the grieving Queen, Udayamati, commissioned a stepwell in memory of her husband, King Bhimdev I. Discover the enigmatic history of the stepwell and examine over 800 pristine, ancient sculptures inside.



3. Visit Hawa Mahal (Palace of the winds) in Jaipur

Built in 1799, the Hawa Mahal was created as an extension to the Royal City Palace to preserve the decency of royal women who could look out of the windows without being seen by strangers. Explore the ornate rooms of the 5 story palace built to resemble Krishna’s crown.


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