Evergreen / Exodus travel present the Top 10 Celebrity Change Makers

Inspire your next adventure!

While some celebrities are known for reckless behavior and scandals written for tabloids, others are working to change the world and collect more than Oscars with their award-winning actions. From Ted Danson’s actions to bring ocean conservation into the spotlight to Meghan Markle’s pre-Duchess adventures with Botswana’s wildlife, celebrities are inspiring adventurers to travel more responsibly.

As a leading tour operator of responsible travel, Exodus Travels has over 44 years of expertise in small group and self-guided hiking, cycling, cultural and responsible wildlife adventures that encourage travelers to follow in the footsteps of their favorite do-gooder celebrities.



1. Leonardo DiCaprio
Responsible Travel Style: Wildlife Protection / Environment

Catch him if you can, Leo is the ultimately responsible traveler and his efforts to protect our planet and advocate for wildlife conservation and environmental policies are worth an Oscar win in itself. Be as bold as DiCaprio on the Borneo Wildlife Discoverer and explore one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.


2. Meghan Markle
Responsible Travel Style: Responsible Wildlife

Girl gone royal hasn’t stopped Meghan Markle from heading into the wild. It’s no wonder Botswana’s emblematic wildlife and captivating wilderness deserves its own throne for sparking the romance between Prince Harry and the now Duchess of Sussex, a destination they returned to just before tying the knot. Exodus’ Wildlife & Wilderness of Botswana gets travelers closer to Africa’s most incredible wildlife in a newsworthy yet ethical style.

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