Evergreen / Exodus Edits: 5 Extraordinary Places to Sleep

These places promise unforgettable stays

It was a tough job, but Exodus has picked their five favourite places around the world to rest your head. Ranging from the out-of-this-world and psychedelic, to secluded spots for utter serenity, these places promise unforgettable stays.


1. Wadi Rum UFO, Jordan

Staying at Wadi Rum UFO in Jordan is a desert experience like no other, sleeping in a futuristic geodesic UFO Pod surrounded by desert sands. Sure, it’s technically camping, but in the loosest sense, with sumptuous linens and touches of luxe everywhere. Though frankly, no amount of decadence could trump the otherworldly scenery you’ll see from your Pod’s spacious private terrace.

On Exodus’ nine day Desert to Dead Sea in Jordan itinerary, you’ll have a drink in your hand for sunset, followed by dinner under a starlit sky, then a night under canvas gazing skywards through your Pod’s glazed roof.


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