Evergreen / Eight Tips for Smarter Family Travel

Family road tips from Dream Dinners

Spring break and summer vacation are on the horizon, and many families are planning road trips and family travel over the next several months.

With Dream Dinners’ 16 years of experience helping families spend more time together through assembled meals, they’ve learned a few tricks for making family travel less stressful and less expensive, too.

1. Consider a vacation rental over a hotel. 

Having access to an entire home means use of a fully stocked kitchen, the ability to store ingredients for homemade meals, and being able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner together around the table more easily – which ultimately means spending less money eating out while on vacation.


2. Roll your clothes instead of folding. 

When you travel, too many items means going over your carry-on limit or overfilling your trunk. One way to minimize the number of suitcases without sacrificing the items you really need is to roll clothes instead of folding them. They take up less space and don’t wrinkle as easily as folded clothes.

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