Evergreen / Don’t Hesitate: Visit Sandos Spa

Your body and soul will thank you

Sandos Hotels & Resorts encourages you to solve your doubts, beat the anxiety and get your first massage at the Spa. Your body and soul will be thankful.

Learn how to enjoy Sandos Spa with these guidelines!


Pick The Right Treatment For You

Ask your spa concierge about what you need. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions! In fact, if this is your first time using a spa, Sandos recommends that you contact them via email.

The first question they will ask you is if you have a physical condition, and the second one is if you prefer a male or female therapist: it’s very important that you make everything clear, otherwise it could affect your experience.


Be Completely Honest

Sometimes we are too shy to share our feelings or wishes. Spa del Mar is specialized not only in body treatments, but in soul and energy development. Therapists will feel more secure if you explain to them exactly what you want or need.

Upon arrival, the spa receptionist will welcome you and ask you to fill out a form. The more you write about your preferences, the better your experience will be.

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