Evergreen / Discover the top 5 benefits of working with hoppaGo

Digital solutions to the challenges that travel organizations face

HoppaGo are the specialists in ground transportation and it offers digital solutions to the challenges that travel organizations face daily. There are fantastic benefits that will help you and your travel organization thrive and stay ahead of the digital age.


Top 5 Benefits of Working with hoppaGo

1. Its solution offerings are technology, network and service!

With all three of these you can’t go wrong. This allows you to easily sell multiple journeys to each client which in return increases your revenue generated through ground transportation. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want their revenue to increase?


2. Its large network of ground transport partners

What this means for you is that hoppaGo can be your one-stop-shop. No more wasting time shopping around for various suppliers and having to contact them separately. Your juggling days are over!


3. Ease of use

Digital transformation is happening daily for travel organizations. This can be difficult, time consuming and expensive to keep up with it all. HoppaGo’s easy to use solutions enable you to take part in this transforming industry without having to heavily invest your own resources.


4. Less restrictions

Nobody likes restrictions and hoppaGo keeps its down to a minimum. Its offerings are not restricted to only journeys abroad. Its network of suppliers can even pick-up and drop-off your clients at their home. Keeping all the ground transportation “under one roof”.


5. The right option

As much as we all like to save money in every way possible, it goes without saying that sometimes the cheapest option in not always the most appropriate. HoppaGo helps you to select the right transfer for your client.


To learn more about hoppaGo and its benefits (because that’s not even all of them!), please visit hoppa.com

If you have any questions regarding hoppaGo, fee free to email Jessica Simpson at jessica@hoppa.com