Evergreen / Alternative wedding cake options at Sandos Hotels & Resorts

"Do I really want a cake?"

If you read our last piece on finding the perfect wedding cake and it served your clients well then we’re happy! But what if they want something other than a cake? Well, Sandos Hotels & Resorts has got you covered with more options.


The Decisive Moment!

Okay, so first thing’s first, it’s time to ask, “do I really want a cake?”

Maybe you want something different for the wedding, and that is no problem! Sandos Hotels & Resorts’ Wedding Coordinators are ready to help you come up with new ideas or support any ideas you already have.

To give you and your clients a bit of an idea, these are two fan-favourite substitutes for wedding cakes:


Cupcakes Galore

You can exchange your cake for cupcakes with the exact same flavor and filling you have already chosen. They’re still great for photos, and they are so delicious.

You know what they say, happiness is only a cupcake away!


Alternative wedding cake options at Sandos Hotels & Resorts


Have It All

The second option is a dessert table. Each of your guests can choose the dessert that they desire. Besides, it’s also a cute decoration and will probably end up being one of the favorite places to take pictures.


Alternative wedding cake options at Sandos Hotels & Resorts


TIP: One crucial thing to remember before starting your wedding plans is if you have an idea of precisely what you want from day 1 of your planning, do not think twice, your original thought is probably what you genuinely want!


If you like any of these cake substitutes, please do not forget to contact your wedding coordinator and explain everything in detail. To contact Sandos Weddings, please email weddings.mx@sandos.com or call toll-free from USA and Canada at 844-259-6109.


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