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Thank you so much to all the amazing travel agents who entered our “Wanderlust with WheelsUpNetwork” photo contest!

What now? Watch out for these two days: May 8 and May 15 as we will be announcing the winners!

Soon you will find out which agents won one of 10 luxurious all-inclusive stays for two at one of these spectacular resorts:

Wanderlust with WheelsUpNetwork Prizes




Chris Lehigh from Expedia CruiseShipCenters



Leland Davis from Explorer Travel and Tours



Andrea Mulder from CWT Vacations



Carol Freeman from Ocean Breeze Cruise & Travel



Karen Christiansen from Morris Murdock Travel



Susan Rottschafer from Travels Unlimited

“There’s nothing like a sunset at Grand Haven State Park on Lake Michigan. Pure Michigan.”



Mary Pugh from The Travel Agent Next Door




Emmanuelle Legoff from Go West Tours

“If you have a chance visit Las Islas Canarias, this is Lanzarote, peaceful with its volcanic landscape and wine.”




Krista Hull from My Best Friend Went



Lesley Olson from Carroll Travel



Debbie Brown – DB Wellness Travel

“Photo from Vacation in Playa Del Carmen”




Lumturije Azizi from TravelOnly



Suzanne Fisher from Cruise Center World Travel



Becky Kershaw from The Travel Agent Next Door

“My trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai November 2018.”



Zoe Ann Peoples from Endless Seasons Entertainment and Travel

Endless Seasons Entertainment and Travel
Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge Tennessee Adventure 2019
“Travel is one of the greatest human freedoms ever”


Life is short and the world is wide
Let’s Cruise
Endless Seasons Entertainment and Travel
Cozumel Adventures



Brenda Holland from Pickwick Travel



Rebecca Whitmire from Travel Incorporated

“All of these photos were from my trip to Switzerland in 2019. Thank you for the opportunity to share these with the community.”



Denise Kent from D Kent Travel

“It was nice to escape and view my fabulous travels around the Caribbean and World!”



Jennifer Besharah from CAA North & East Ontario

“Cooking in the desert, near Jaisalmer, India.”




Barbara Goldstein from Bobbie’s Travel

“Enjoy the beautiful waters!”




Josée Morin from TravelOnly

“This picture was taken in May 2019 while visiting Le Blanc resort on a Fam in Los Cabos!”



Carole Williams from Tripcentral



Martine Fournier from Voyages Aqua Terra

” A view from the spa hotel Qasr al sarab abu Dhabi desert hotel”




Willi Green from CWT Vacations



Juanita Antle from Juanita’s Travel



Sandra Carlson from Swan Valley Travel

“The Healing Power of Travel in 3 simple pictures. My father had passed away 5 days prior to this. He implored me to NOT cancel my trip to Egypt. He was a sailor and I was telling this to the captain of the Felucca as we started off down the Nile River. This wise man told me there is hope around every bend in the river. We sailed around a bend and this amazing sight took my breath away, right there on the rocks …….my dads name is BOB. I ended the day feeling happy and blessed. Travel can bring us unexpected joy.”


“Street art in South Africa. Sad songs say so much.”




Shabi Mohamed from Newwest Travel & Cruises



Jackie Sideris from LaSalle Travel Services

“NOW Jade over Superbowl”




Lydia Della Rocca from Inc.

“This is one of our favourite pictures from our Ireland trip in September 2020. It is the Poulnabrone Dolmen located in the Burren and is the oldest dated megalithic monument in Ireland. We arrived at dusk after a long day of driving and site-seeing and there were only 2 other people there. It was so peaceful and quite and gave me a real sense of calm. A wonderful end to our day.”




Sandy Ewing from Travel and Unravel

“Beautiful Maui. FAM trip 2019”




Colleen Ladwig from AA Worldwide Travel

Colleen Ladwig



Scott Carlson from DiscoverMyPortland

“Sibenik Croatia”




Alison Wotherspoon

“My 4 week dream vacation to Ireland with my mom”



Joanne Moore from Passionate Travel

“Latitudes over water bar – South Coast Sandals Jamaica!”




Jan Kuno from Expedia CruiseShipCenters



Kenny Berenson from CWT Travel



Joilyn Doucette from Craig Travel



Liora Cohen from TravelLulu

“Photos taken in Morocco, November 2017”



Patricia Guzowski



Laura Traylor from Travel Advisor, All Adventure Travels, with Uniglobe Travel Center



Joilyn Doucette from Craig Travel



Linda from Trendy Travel Lady

“It doesn’t matter where we travel as long as we’re together. One of our favorite places is Disneyland, but we like Dana Point, The Sand Dunes in Colorado, or Garden of the Gods in Colorado. One of the ways we stay close is traveling together.”



Victoria Tremblay from Transat Travel

“Here are my photos from China from October. I took a group of 28 seniors and it was amazing. From Shanghai, Giant Buda, Xian with the Panda House, to the Great Wall, Yantze Cruise and finally in Beijing. I can’t wait to travel again.”



Michele Joel from Travel Group

“I took this picture of a Holy Man in Varanasi, India as he bathed in the Ganges.”




Stacey Harper from Craig Travel



Charity Lawson from Maritime Travel



Angela Westfall from World Travel

“Here is a picture when times we different and we were not afraid to rub shoulders. We will soon be back to some normalcy and be able to celebrate the simple wonders of eating watermelon on a hot, sunny 4th of July weekend! “




Tiara Peltola


Mae Strutt from AirCruiseSavings

“Mae Strutt with Daughter Denise and great granddaughter Kendra. Christmas in Virgin Train”



Randy Wegener from RCW Vacations

“After two years in the travel business I had the opportunity to return to Vietnam in January 2015 after 43 years. I had the luxury to have private guides and drivers for my two weeks. The Vietnamese people were absolutely wonderful. The country is amazingly beautiful and full of life as seen in my pictures. I was able to visit areas where United States military had a presence, but very little remains of the war’s aftermath. I toured many museums, pagodas and memorials featuring the history and culture of Vietnam. I ate their food and unknown fruits and vegetables, snacked on crickets, visited a silk factory, drank their robusta coffee and Saigon beer, walked their streets, rode a motorcycle, bargained with shops for clothes and jewelry, and on and on while treated like royalty in 4-star hotels and everywhere I went. This trip will be one of the fabulous memories of my world travels. Then I was able to travel with three other veterans in January 2019 for another fantastic journey.”



Dawn Milburn from Trent Travel



Daina Gasner from Travel Masters



Debbie Max from CheapCaribbean



Julie Mautner from



Nicole Deforest from Tripcentral



Preston McKinney from Odyssey Travel

“Holiday photos taken during AMA Riverways Christmas Markets Cruise December 13th to December 20th, 2019 from Nuremburg to Budapest”


Judy Branner from Cruise Connections Canada

” These photos are from my stay at Tau Game Lodge in South Africa (just on the Botswana border). We were there in January 2019 and it was magical.”



Cathy Hale

“From the Mount Dora Canal in central Florida – alligator resting on the bank.”

Cathy Hale



Ian Soo from Travel Plus



Damaris Osorio from Travel Babe Collective


Mathilde VanLeeuwen from Clarify Travel

“The photo was taken while on a hike near Port Angeles, Washington State. This hike was one of the excursions offered while on an Expedition Cruise on Silverseas “Silver Explorer”. Place: Sol Duc Falls on the Sol Duc Nature Trail”




Carolyn Robinson from The Travel Agent Next Door



Ruth Deelo from Callahan’s Travel



Sylvia’s Worldwide Travel & Tours

“Mykonos, Santorini, Miami and Colombia”



Pamela (PJ) Ott from Wild Side Destinations



Melanie Ruiz from Escapes



Elaine S. DeMichiel from

“Florida Keys”




Linda Mcgregor from CWT Vacations

“Sunsets in Hawaii”



Deus Haraja from Beyond Adventures

“A few favorite travel photos from 2019”



Shabanna Ali-Emamali from World Cruises & Travel, Inc

“Morocco trip November 2019”



Anneliese Schwartz from Independent by Flight Centre

“This is Antigua! My favourite island so far! Loved the food, culture, hospitality, and the stunning lush scenery! I was able to go for the ACVANU fam in November and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to go back!! Would be so cool to win as I’ve never won anything in terms of trips/travel things and I’ve been in the industry for 10 years!!”



Marvin Kadesh from Kadesh Travel

“Some where in Europe on a river cruise.”




Claudine Dorva from Voyage Récréatif

“Une rose pour vous tous”




Melissa Ritrivi from Whimsical Wishes Travel Concierge

“Iceland Glacier 2019”




Mary Schmauch from Direct Travel



Sally Peck from Cruise Planners



Wendy Nethercott from TPI




Gretchen Soares from Gulls Way Travel

“Secrets The Vine, Cancun”




Lynda Westlake from Vision Travel



Jean Pilon from Expedia CruiseShipCenters



Christine Rouillard from Passion Voyage

“I took those pictures in Mahahual, Mexico, where my mom and I spent a day while cruising on MSC Armonia. We had booked a chair in Yaya Beach Club. The place was gorgeous, the water crystal clear, the sun shining, the food delicious and the fishes abundant. That was an amazing day.”



Paula Schroeder form Ships and Trips Travel



Tom & Ann Pullara from Dream Vacations



Suzy Gustafson from SG Travel Two



Tina Myle from Bridges Travel & Tours



Christine Moore from Voyages AquaTerra

“Amazing beauty in Saint Lucia!”




Lisa Booth from Expedia Cruiseshipcenters



Nancy Purdin from MVP Travel




Albert Lopez from Fiesta Travel



Silvia Conine from Mill Creek Travel

“Bedouin camp in Oman”




Linda White from Cruises Inc

“The first picture is my daughter and I at Club Med Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and the second is the Atrium on the Carnival Horizon, the third is my daughter and 2 granddaughters in Monterey, and the 4th is at Pasghetti’s in Branson, MO. We love to do family and multi-generational travel.”




Loretta Sellars from TPI

“This was my trip to Peru in February 2016. Manchu Picchu and the beautiful Peruvian people.”



Kim Bava from Red Tag




Sheryl Stewart



Coleen Rogg

“This was taken in Puerto Vallarta at the Fiesta Americano Hotel. Great views from every room”




Ian Cowan

“Slieve League sea cliffs Ireland”



Melanie Corey from TravelOnly

“Greetings from Isla Catalina, La Romana, in the Dominican Republic”




Denise Thompson




Rayanne Woehl from CAA Niagara



Liz Nowak from A Better Choice Travel

“Swimming with the sharks in Tahiti”




Pam Browning

“Island dog grand Turks”




Cindy Collins from Woodstock Travel



Jackie Sideris from LaSalle Travel Services



Cynthia Johnston from CAA

“This is one of my most Favorite Photos of my son Ryan, at Dreams Punta Cana
He brought his Ukelele with him and each afternoon, a few of the entertainment staff would meet Ryan and he would give them lessons,

This was a few years ago, and we were hoping to be on a trip there the last week of April for his College Grad trip…”




Peggys Cove




Lauren Pinilis from Frosch Classic Cruise and Travel



Brandy MacDonald from Vision Travel




Yannette Fichou Edwards from Valerie Wilson Travel



Salma Yusufali from Sky Bird Travel & Tours


Maureen Brescia



Mischelle Arbelaez from Primo Travel Services

“Paris 2017”

Mischelle Arbelaez paris 2017



Beverly Gallant



Sharla Duchscherer from TPI



April Powell from Ocala Travel



Beverly Golden from Golden Opportunity Travel

“Favorite Holiday Photos – love at high altitude!”



Christina Lakey from Newberg Travel and Cruise




Leanne Sanchez from Hood Canal Travel

“These are just a few of my “escape.. to go to” photos!! Africa!! These were in Tanzania!”



Rhonda Shumway from TerraMar Travel

“Bhutan Tibet Nepal 2013”




Tricia Irvin from Menno Travel

“We were snorkeling in Cancun with a group of 50 other friends and family. I got picked up by limo to start the adventure in style. So fun!”



Jennifer DeFuria from Direct Travel

“Dunkin is our office mascot and LOVES to travel !
Enjoy this picture of him at work !”




Kim Barberfrom from Globetrotter Travel



Katie Underland from Travel One

“One of my favorite sunsets while on vacation in Key Largo FL!”

Katie Underland



Nancy Bauman

“This photo was taken Sept 2019 in beautiful Burano, Italy”




Sherri Michell from Sunrise Travel Services



Luana Johnsgaard from Travel Time



Suzanne Whyte from Uniglobe LGI Travel



Allison Pederson from Unique Travel

“This photo was taken in September 2017 on Paros island, Greece. We were at Naoussa harbor at sunset and the painted wooden boats were so beautiful!”




Michelle from Malliet Travel




Oksana Mashchak from Centre Holidays



Colette Chaisson from TPI

“Photo of my 2019 trip to Ireland and visiting Slieve League Cliffs in Donegal.

I was getting ready to have a picture taken with the cliffs in the background when the wind picked up, resulting in this action shot.”




Nancy Philbin from Gant Travel

Nancy Philbin



Madison Naas from Maritz Travel



Linda Sisk from Omega World Travel



Veronica Sanchez from Katella Travel



Cheryl Coleman from The Travel Agent Next Door

Cheryl Coleman

Playa del Carmen



Renee Paisley from Travel Experts of La Crosse



Betty Krystyniak from Florida Vacations




Amanda Nordman from Expedia CruiseShipCenters

“It was an amazing, awe-inspiring, thrill of a lifetime balloon ride over the beautiful fairy chimneys, pigeon houses, ravines, valleys and unique rock formations of Cappadocia. While the sun slowly rises, this amazing lunar like landscape passes by as you quietly float through the air. There were over 40 balloons soaring through the air at the same time. We were in the air for about 1 hour. While in the air, our pilot pointed out interesting cave or rock formations and also gave us a bit of information about the history and geography of the area. He skillfully managed the balloon to give everyone a variety of views of the landscape, from all sides at different heights.”




Brian Bobroff from Flight Centre

“Now Amber Puerto Vallarta by sunset and just after the sun has gone down”





Sue Baldock from CAA

“This photo is of my best friend of 40 years, and travel buddy for 15 years. We were fortune to have enjoyed many wonder trips over the years to many beautiful countries.
This photo was taken on our last trip that we would take with her entire family (kids, grandkids and spouses). We are at the Now Larimar in Punta Cana.
It says everything about her as someone who enjoyed every minute of life, and wanted to make amazing memories for her family and friends.
At this time she was 3 1/2 years into a battle with breast cancer, and only 1 month prior to discovering that it had spread to her brain.
It is my favourite photo of all our trips together. It speaks so much to her mantra: Live, Love, Laugh.”




Shelly Cayer from Discovery Travel



Christiane Cormier from Passports to Postcards Travel



Abe Korn

“My favorite holiday photo is having dinner in a Secreto Cave in Riviera Maya in Mexico. This photo was taken before everyone sat down to eat.”




Kelly Cavanagh from Marlin Travel



Margo Pedersen from Lara Travel



Marja Albers

“The photo below is on the Pacific Rim, Tofino, BC”




Judi Pearson from SellOffVacations



Gina Purvis from Dream Vacations

“Halloween on Harmony of the Seas”




Sylvia Ysidron from SellOffVacations

“My favourite Holiday photos with my daughter for the contest. The photos are labelled with location. They are from Belive Bavaro Punta Cana, Sandos Cancun, sister resorts Breathless and Secrets Montego Bay. This is a great idea to keep us entertained. “



Sylvia Longmire from Spin the Globe / Travel



Holly Slater from Travel Only



Michelle Whalen from UNIGLOBE Enterprise Travel

“Photo taken at Sandos Caracol Mexico Day of the Dead November 2017. It was a very special memory for both of us as we had recently each lost a parent. The resort had a cemetery set up beautifully lit with candles. As we entered, were handed a marker to write the name of our loved one on a gravestone. We came to realize the Day of the Dead is more about a Celebration of Life.”



Candace Glenney from CAA Saskatchewan



Paige Martins from Boost Journeys



Jennifer Fleitas from Jennifer Fleitas Travel



Tina McQueen from Destination Weddings

“Horseback riding on the beach in Costa Rica. His name was Tequila. What a fun experience.”




Marva Layne from Travel Always



Joanne Resendiz from Relaxing Vacations



Marnie Wilkesom from Humble Travel Service



Cynthia Tarrant from CWT

“This is from my trip to Costa Rica on our first day we were traveling to La Fortuna (Arenal Volcano area) when we asked out tour guide to take us to see a sloth.
He pulled off the side of the busy road and said he thought that maybe a sloth lived in the trees there. We got out of our van and noticed what seemed to be sloth peeing but our guide told us this is very unusual as they don’t urinate in the trees they come down only once every 7 days to do their business. We set our cameras and what we saw was the sloth giving birth. What an amazing experience and we got the most beautiful pictures an experience of our lifetime. The wonders of nature at it’s finest. I’ve included two pictures before and after.”





Tracey Basile from Prestige Travel



Jeanie Johnston from Jeanie’s Journeys

“It is Rossnowlagh Beach, County Donegal, Ireland”




Agent Elizabeth Schurman from Expedia CruiseShipCenters

“These pictures are from our 45th wedding anniversary vow renewal on the Oasis of the Seas. We were blessed to have many members of our family celebrate with us. The cake topper was the same one used on the cake the day we got married 8 May 1971. Lots of memories from days gone by and hopefully many more for those days yet to come. We are looking forward to another fantastic celebration for our 50th.”






Jorgie Walker from FROSCH

“Durango Colorado
Beautiful country and fun saloons
My son Christopher”



“Hawaii the Big Island
ATV adventure on North end of Island myself and Hubby of 54 years
So much fun and allows for social distancing.”




Carl Howard from Bentley Hedges Travel

“Bogota, Colombia Holiday Street Market. Santa with his South American sled team leader”

Carl Howard


“Zipaquirá, Colombia. Salt cathedral of Zipaquirá carved in a mine with salt deposits that formed over 250 million years ago. The complex includes 14 chapels representing the stations of the cross, the dome and 3 interconnected naves.”




Kimberly Bednarik from Tomorrow’s Adventures Travel Service LLC

“Lion in Kenya”

Kimberly Bednarik lion


“Baboons in Kenya”

Kimberly Bednarik babboons


“Istria, Europe”

Kimberly Bednarik istria cross


“Ravello, Italy”

Kimberly Bednarik infinity terrace 2


“Sibenik, Croatia”

Kimberly Bednarik sibenik sunset 2


“Market in Cambodia”



“A new friend in Cambodia”



“Angkor Wat”




Kristin J. Anderson from Flight Centre Independent

“Here is a photo of myself with a piece of glacier ice, at the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in Iceland. Thrilled to visit a country that is a part of my heritage.”

Kristin J. Anderson



Jackie Sideris from LaSalle Travel Services

“My 2019 Family vacation at the Riu Palace Los Cabos”




Jacy Alphonse from Marlin Travel






Christine Cameron-Ebel from Travel Professionals International

“Here’s a lovely holiday shot of the Niuew Statendam from our Caribbean cruise in January 2020.”




Isabel Béchard from Voyages AquaTerra

“You will find my favorite picture of my last vacation very close to COVID-19 in Palawan in December 2019 !”




Carolyn de Blieck from Pure Magic Vacations

“Our first visit to St Maarten, we grabbed a cab to Mullet Beach!!! It was the epitome of a Caribbean destination!”



“Visited Paradise Island in the DR with my hubby and parents. Best Snorkelling spot hubby had seen.”





Sharon Bunn from TravelOnly

“Beautiful sunset cruise on the Venice canal with a singing gondolier. A magical night!”




Travelteck Maro

“Excursions in Mexico”



“The Torch of Travel will always stay Lit!”




Catherine Hale

“African Safari trip”





John Sposato from East End Journeys Travel

“I took this at the church in Florence.

I like it for several reasons, but most importantly this tomb was the inspiration for Bartholdi’s design for the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor.

As hard as we are currently being hit by the virus in New York, this reached out to me from my memories.”

John Sposato



Holly Eely from Holidays by Holly

“Barcelo Riviera Maya – Good Morning Sun”



“The End – The Arch of Cabo San Lucas”



“Respect – Dias de los Muertos Puerto Vallarta”




Manya Nolte from Southland Travel



Jacqueline Hider from Marlin Travel

“This photo was taken at Secrets Maroma Beach. One of my favourite AM Resort locations…that’s why we chose to get married there…”




Terry Nelson from Kaleidoscope Travel and Cruise

Terry Nelson



Kathy Hash from Escape Travel USA



Erin Clarke from CAA Tuxedo Tours

“My photo is from Maho Beach in St Maarten!”




Chalsea Alexander Campbell from Travel Ever After

“My photo is of my cousin and I, whom I took with me last May, as her very first international trip and passport stamp, to Dominican Republic for a site inspection at Majestic Resorts. The attached photo is of us in the “natural pool” in Saona Island.”




Michael Allard from Mallard Travel

“Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand”




“Kinderdijk, Netherlands”




Chad Simpson from Quality Travel Solutions

“Snorkeling with a sea turtle in Isabella Island in the Galapagos, Ecuador”



“Sea-kayaking in Antarctica”



“Volcano sledding in Nicaragua going 40km/hr down the side of the volcano! It was such a rush”



“Cliff jumping about 10 meters in Costa Rica”



“A selfie and making funny faces with a llama in Machu Picchu”




Mahmoud Shoblaq


Mahmoud Shoblaq Jamaica





“Dominican Republic”




Kimberly Beiro

“Kruger National Park, South Africa”



“La Coruña, Galicia, Spain”



Michelle Caci



Patti Allen

“This photo was taken in Tahiti while on board the Paul Gauguin cruise ship”

Patti Allen


Amy Peavy-Smith



Joanne Bratton

“Arenal Volcano – Costa Rica”



“Cayo Coco – Cuba”

Joanne Bratton Cuba


“Iguazu Falls – Argentina”




Lorie Nearing

“Orvieto, Tuscany”




Nisha Kha



Anita Magnoli

“Beautiful Anita in Pink, Ocho Rios, Jamaica”

Anita Magnoli Beautiful Anita in Pink


“A Night of Jamaican Music, Ocho Rios, Jamaica”

Anita Magnoli A Night of Jamaican Music


“Welcome to Jamaica”

Anita Magnoli Welcome to Jamaica


“Beautiful Maui Hawaii”

Anita Magnoli Beautiful Maui Hawaii


“Beach in Honolulu Hawaii”

Anita Magnoli Beach_in_Honolulu-Hawaii



Candace Glenney from CAA Saskatchewan

“Stunning view from my room @Breathless Los Cabos”

Candace Glenney



Michelle Quinn from Centre Holidays

“Sandos Caracol”





Susannah Tomlin from Travel Store

“One of my favorite photos from Cancun”

Susannah Tomlin


Denise Schaefer from Plaza Travel




Tannis Dyrland from Travel With Tannis- The Travel Agent Next Door

“It was our 10 year Vow Renewal with our children at the spectacular NOW Sapphire Resort. As a destination wedding agent, it was such a blessing to be able to plan my own ceremony with the wedding coordinators I had always had the pleasure of working with. This time it was intimate and personal and the wedding planners were our only guests. It was magic!”

Tannis Dyrland



Troylynn Harvey from Travel With Troylynn

“February 15-19 on Fam Trip”




“Catalina Island”










Kate Marshall from Maritz Travel

“Singapore View from Hotel Balcony”



“Singapore Botanical Garden”




Erin Hill from Transat Travel

“Amalfi Coast”




“Duoro Valley”






“Giant Buddha”



“Great Wall”



“Ixtapa sunset with people”



“Terra Cotta Warriors”




Karlee Hornung from Marlin Travel

“Los Cabos, the Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa”




Junelle Walsh from Transat Travel

“On a FAM in Egypt”



“Dreams Las Mareas beach Costa Rica”



” Montego Bay/Cornwall beach. View from balcony at DeCameron Cornwall”



“Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland”




Renee Edghill from Voyages Caleche

“The world beautiful and the more we travel the more we learn. April 2013. Udaipur, India”




Mimi Lichtenstein from Truvay Travel

“Drying soggy dollars – found in the sand 8 feet under water off the beach at the Soggy Dollar Bar”